O2 Airconditioning - Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is achieved with the MyAir3 advanced air management system. If the control system is used in conjunction with an inverter type airconditioning unit the energy efficiency is further optimised.

The MyAir3 control system, allows you to optimise your systems running time by giving you :

  • Individual temperature control per zone
  • On/off control per zone
  • Timer and scheduling functions

This flexibility is achieved by a touch of a button.

An Inverter within an airconditioning unit is used to control the speed of the compressor motor, to allow it to continuously regulate temperature.

Traditional airconditioning units regulate temperature by using a compressor that is periodically working at maximum capacity or switched off entirely.

Inverter Technology that is use in modern airconditioning models work on a variable- frequency drive, that incorporates and adjustable electrical inverter. Therefore it controls the speed of the compressor as well as the Cooling or Heating output.