About Us

At o2 Airconditioning we are inspired and committed to setting a new standard of excellence across the airconditioning industry. With dedicated inhouse teams and hands on directors, we deliver a service and product that creates a life-long customer relationship.

The technical experience that exists in our company starts with staff that have been with us for over 18years and are continually updated on current airconditioning technologies and training programs.

While we cater for all your airconditioning needs, we pride ourselves as the go to company for ducted airconditioning systems with full turnkey solutions from on/off Zone Control to zone temperature & flow control. We have won multiple awards from our suppliers over the years and for services, such as installation/designs, and sales. As much as 90% of our work is referral work from long lasting relationships that we have built with our architects, builders, and clients over the years.

We at O2 Airconditioning strive to use only environment friendly and energy efficient systems such as Daikin, LG and MyAir Controls to name a few, these systems are designed for optimal efficiency so that our clients get the best possible airconditioning solution whether it’s a residential or business application – trouble free and efficient airconditioning is the end game.


What is a ducted system?

A ducted airconditioning system also Called a Central airconditioning system is a highly efficient cooling and heating system for residential homes and commercial establishments. This is because the system can heat or cool your home or office from one single machine.

Why Choose a ducted system?

A ducted airconditioning system is a quieter, cleaner and the most effective way to distribute clean, comfortable air around your home or business.

Several of the many beneficial features of a ducted systems are:

  • Ducted systems are concealed, therefore less obtrusive in your home
  • The ability to provide comfortable air to all areas of the room or building
  • Provide a recirculating feature which filters and cools the air multiple times
  • Quieter with higher energy efficiency ratings
  • Rooms can be individually “zoned” or simultaneously set to different levels of setting with the use of the MyAir 5 control system.

My Place: The only Tablet you Need

As our everyday lives drift further and further online, we have come to expect a superior level of convenience. That is what O2 airconditioning offers you in conjunction with MyPlace . The dedicated device for controlling your smart home from airconditioning and Lighting to blinds and even garage doors, the MyPlace Tablet can be used for full control as an internet connected smart devise from one central point in your home or office.

Our Top of the range Product the MyAir5 Control system is the most efficient control system you can get, to compliment your airconditioning unit. this System comes with leading technology that comprises of the following:

  • Compatible with leading air conditioning brands
  • High quality, wifi connected 8-inch tablet
  • User friendly interface
  • MyAir5 can be downloaded as an app for smart devices 0
  • Comes with temperature sensors for individual zone temperature control
  • Can come with energy-saving motion sensors

With the added advantage of allowing owners to be able to remotely control their aircon system from any location worldwide.

There are two things any good air-conditioning system must deliver: comfort and control. The more control you have over the system in terms of how much air goes to which rooms, the more comfortable you will feel. It seems like an obvious thing to point out, but if your home has more than 4 rooms, your air-conditioning system needs to have more than 4 zones if you want a comfortable and efficient system. O2 Airconditioning is the way to go.