O2 Airconditioning - Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency with inverter technology

With the products that we offer such as  LG, Daikin that have integrated inverter technology into the systems, energy efficiency is the primary goal giving you the best of both worlds, both in pwer usage and airconditioning efficiency.

By choosing a ducted Aircon system in conjunction with our control system a further reach of energy efficiency will be acquired, as the unit runs optimally – as it only heats or cools which ever area/zone you require at any specific point in time.  

What is inverter technology?

Inverter Technology that is used in modern airconditioning models work on a variable- frequency drive, that incorporates an adjustable electrical inverter. Therefore, it controls the speed of the compressor as well as the Cooling or Heating output, as per demand of the load needed.


Get Complete home comfort at your fingertips with the MyAir Climate control automation.

Have you ever wanted to control the temperature of your home so that its desirable upon your return or have you ever left the hose and forgotten whether you turned the Aircon off?

Introducing the Advantage Air MyAir  home automation system  that allows you to control your aircon system from anywhere in the world with an app.